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Northland Evergreens in Northern Wisconsin has been providing the natural fragrance of the North country for over 40 years.

Northland Evergreens - Providing the natural fragrance of the North country for over 40 years.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I live in a warm southern climate. Will my wreaths stay green through the holiday?

A: Yes, your wreaths will stay green throughout the holidays as long as you keep them in the shade. A little early morning and late afternoon sunshine usually is OK. We have many happy customers in Southern Florida, Arizona, Texas and Southern California. Please be aware that due to Interstate shipping regulations, we cannot ship products with CEDAR to the state of California.

Q: How do I care for my wreath and garland? Do I need to water or spray them?

A: Generally, if you place your evergreens outdoors in the shade, you won't need to give them any special care. However, if your evergreens are indoors, you may want to spray them with a water mist in order to prevent drying. Either way, they will remain green and fragrant.

Q: When are the wreaths shipped?

A: For the 2011 holiday season, we will begin shipping on November 22nd and finish on December 10th. The last day that orders can be accepted is December 10th. Shipments to warmer climates are done in the later part of this period. However, if you wish us to ship on a specific date, we are usually able to do this although we can not guarantee an exact arrival date.

Q: Can I expect the wreath to be shipped on the same day that I order it?

A: Because our wreaths are guaranteed to be fresh on arrival, we do not have a stored inventory of wreaths and garlands. All of our products are shipped on the same day as they are made. Therefore, our shipments are scheduled one to three days in advance depending on the volume of our orders. On occasion, we are able to ship on the same day. Please feel free to request it.

Q: How will the people on my gift list know that I sent them the wreath?

A: We enclose a gift card with your personal greeting and your name. The cards are done in handwriting and we sign your name for you. Your gifted parties will be impressed, surprised and very pleased.

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